Impact on Digital Marketing

Businesses that don’t embrace this new era risk being left behind, but preparing for the revolution is costly and there is uncertainty around how quickly they will be able to reap the benefits. Consumers are enticed by the new mobile interactive experiences, but will the promises be maintained, and can they trust the network with their personal data?

Despite the question marks surrounding this new technology, we feel communications and marketing departments should look optimistically at the future, as 5G will open up new exciting opportunities to reach and engage their audiences.

More immersive experiences

Brands have experimented with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for some time, but the faster connection will unleash the full potential of these technologies that rely on smooth, flawless execution to maintain the suspension of disbelief to truly dazzle consumers. 5G will give brands the confidence to invest in AR and VR knowing that they will be able to offer memorable experiences at any time, and in any environment, from crowded stadiums to remote locations and on the daily commute. Expect retail brands to augment the in-store experience with eye-popping offers, and I am looking forward to working on diseases awareness campaigns that will bring to life patients’ stories with fully immersive digital experiences.

Personalized content

The volume and the sources of personal data uploaded online will increase exponentially in the coming years. Online behaviors, social media interests, health data from wearables, and food choices from your smart fridge will provide a much more accurate picture of our preferences that marketeers will leverage to place incredibly targeted ads in real-time. Of course the privacy issues must be complied with properly.

Video proliferation

Marketeers will be able to offer beautiful HD videos that load instantly, resulting in improved view-through rates for the brands and a less obtrusive feeling for online viewers.

User-generated content will proliferate as it becomes easier to shoot videos on mobile devices, enhance them with professional effects or funny filters and upload them in a wink for everyone to watch.

Voice activation

With voice activated devices and AI assistants becoming ubiquitous, brands will have to literally find their own ‘voice’. For communication departments this is another stimulating challenge to tackle. Alexa/Siri type skills and podcasts are already popular, but can we craft experiences that are more interactive, immersive and useful for consumers, patients and professionals? 5G connectivity will help us make it.