5G and Digital Media the Game Changer

These are basic expectations of Companies and Customers:

Game changers in 5G , is your company ready ?  If not, please talk to us , Contact us Entertainment you can feel offers tremendous opportunities for the media industry in the long term. Haptic suits connected to 5G will be able to deliver a new sensory dimension to media experiences. For instance, new sensations such as heat and pressure could be bundled into a weapons upgrade in an action game, or movies could be re-released with a new sensation layer, opening a new monetization cycle across old catalogs.

Human-scale 210-degree horizontal field of vision, six degrees of freedom for movement, high pixel-density display/projection resolution, miniature battery size, and highly responsive interaction are some of the elements that are required to reach this inflection point

New media experiences to be enabled by 5G such as in-car entertainment, 3D holographic displays, and live in-stadium experiences
Revenue for some, investments for some and loss for those who miss out
If any one issue from above concerns you, then Go5G is the right partner to contact.