Be ready for the new digital client

Now that crypto currency has arrived and is settling. How can your business get adjusted?

Accepting crypto currency as a means of payment is now more like accepting foreign currency.

  1. It is worthwhile to become member and get an account with the 2 largest trader platforms – Binance and Coinbase.
  2. Our Experience:  you make the biggest profit by buy & sell within hours, instead of a period of 2-3 days – on the same coins or on some other coins. It’s your best chance of improving.
  3. It behaves like shares but in the ultra dynamic speed. These works over hours. 
Our services include:
  • Sharing of the experience
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Hand holding until the customer is comfortable in buying & selling 
    on their own

Our research shows substantial benefits for SME Companies, small and medium enterprises. Large number of SMEs are already accepting crypto payments. 

The generally recognizable benefits are:

  • Increase of customer base for making general purchases
  • Keeping the transaction costs low
  • Ensuring of irreversibility of payments
  • Protection form frauds chargeback
  • Creating of smart contracts eliminating of manual and administrating work for monitoring payments of agreements and contracts
  • Reduction in transaction time and exchange costs
  • Being “crypto enable” is considered to be advanced
  • SMEs benefit in boosting their image in dealing with multibillion companies as vendors or customers

What we can do for your business:

  • Digital strategy for integration of crypto currency payments
  • Advising companies in technical management of crypto assets
  • IT-Infrastructure for using crypto currency payment system
  • Consulting for safeguarding of the business from digital misadventures by external players or staff
  • Advice in selection of blockchain solutions and distributed ledger technology
    • Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies